About US
  • Takes strong position on behaving ethically in all transactions and relationships
  • Expects employees to behave ethically
  • Obey the law
    • Business must be conducted in total compliance with the laws of every place our company conduct business
  • Take care of our customers
    • If customers are not happy, little else that we do will make a difference.
  • Take care of our employees
    • Employees are hired for very important job functions, each of which is performed because of their importance
  • Respect suppliers
    • We can be tough in negotiation but we must always be fair in our treatment with them

Our Strength

Experienced staff of engineers, technicians, and operations personnel well versed in modular designs, electro-mechanical packaging design and contract manufacturing operations

Our Human Expertise

Hands-on and degreed engineers, technicians, and operations personnel whose over-100-year combined experiences are drawn from operation-savvy, business-oriented, and common-sense-engineering processes practiced at successful contract manufacturers and capital equipment manufacturers