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Welcome to CTEMS, Inc

CTEMS, inc Strives to Provide Most Desirable Engineering & Manufacturing Services to CM and OEM Clients. Our manufacturing plants and design activities move to LCR in South-East Asia. We focus on the production and design of the core systems requiring support activities of non-core products which are complex, hybrid but observe low volume high mix nature.

We have high level of design expertise, product knowledge, attentive supports, meticulous operations, and skillful project management.

We also have expertise in vast varieties of fabrication practices across multiple product commodities

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Use our own engineering expertise, manufacturing experience, and strategic relationships to help customers save time and money as well as enhance their engineering capitals in designing and building equipment by providing, along with innovative engineering services, competitive, quick-turn, precision-engineered interconnect and electromechanical assemblies
  • Under-one-roof manufacturing and design attributes to offer competitive pricing
  • One-stop-shop-all solutions to EMs in their efforts of outsourcing their non-core systems
  • Virtually tax and tariff free of imports and exports of inbound products and outbound complete assemblies from local authorities
  • Manufacturing knowledge of various commodities and vertical integration expertise of complex systems
  • Established manufacturing operation in Vietnam that has gained reputable standing in providing quality products and services to large corporation such as Cisco, KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials, and Novellus…
  • Team of well-educated and engineering savvy leaders with experience in business leadership, materials management, and manufacturing practices gained from over 100 years working at large US capital equipment manufacturers in various industries
  • Emerging pool of young, educated, enthusiastic labor resources at very affordable costs in Vietnam
  • LEAN manufacturing philosophy that strives in continuous improvement resulting in effective operations at the least possible operating costs
  • Culture of doing “whatever it takes” in which employees are required to pursue performance excellence in providing quality products on time backed by exceptional customer service
  • Understanding of the importance of adhering to promised dates for deliverables and project/program milestones
  • Striving to add capabilities and walk the extra miles to offer products and services that exceed customer expectations
  • Manufacturing operations and design capabilities in Vietnam in close proximity of EM Manufacturing hubs in Singapore and Shanghai
  • Quickly taking hold of authentic original components from original component manufacturer hubs in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

CT Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Founded on February 14, 2011 in Milpitas California.


Offering engineering and manufacturing supports in the US and LCR to the process of designing and building improved versions of equipment


Designing and building equipment of the future through engineering expertise and manufacturing experience utilizing US and LCR resources

Our Deliverables

  • Managing key operational processes
  • Pursuing ongoing innovation
  • Organizing for strategic success involving culture, structure, change, external relationships, human capitals, teams and collaboration, and keeping things on track
Our Formula
  • Designing and building equipment of the future through engineering expertise and manufacturing experience utilizing US and LCR resources
  • Product – Customer Value Package
  • Price – Total Customer Transaction Cost
  • Promotion – Information Exchange with Customers
  • Place – Accessibility to Customers
Serving customers with high ethical values, integrity and openness