• Electro-Mechanical Box Build and System Level Cable/Harness Design
  • Design: 3-D solid modeling in Pro-E, Solid Works, Unigraphics, Inventor…
  • Documentation: 2-D AutoCAD & Excel BOM; Digital Photography-based SOE/OMS/MPI
  • Concurrent Engineering: transforming concepts into prototypes of cables, harnesses, and electromechanical assemblies
  • Document review and recommendation based on component compatibility, DFx principles, cost reduction…
  • On-Site Technical Support – Engineering & Technician
  • Project Management: ensuring smooth coordination of technical and operations supports for Engineering Projects
  • Develop and maintain a supply chain operating efficiently, with less costs and effective in delivery products and services
  • Operate with a holistic view of total solutions to customer requirements
  • Create communication channels for critical information and operational improvements
  • Strategically partner with key suppliers
  • Strategically align with supply base to complement own capabilitie


Cable Assembly

  • Multi conductor, Shielded, Non shielded, Round, flat ribbon, round to flat, coaxial, twin-ax, triax, RF, Hi-Temp, Hi-Voltage cable assemblies
  • D-Sub, IDC, CPC Circular, Mil-spec, AMP Mat-N-Lok, Molex FIT, Lemo, NEMA connectors


Harness Assembly

  • Power and signal controls
  • Discrete wires: 30AWG to 6 AWG
  • Power distribution: 24 AWG to 4/0 size
  • System umbilical connection
  • Expando sleeving and Flat cable system harness
  • Automotive hi-voltage harnesses

Electro-mechanical assembly

  • Power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Safety and Interlock Interface
  • PLC & IO Controllers
  • Data center systems: power and Ethernet distributions
  • Pneumatic system control
  • Customized box build
  • Conceptualized prototypes
  • Pilot run and manufacturing volume
  • Full turn-key electrical enclosures